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Handmade Earring UK – Standardized

Who doesn’t have eyes for delicate drops that beautifully sway near your neck or just tiny studs that stick to your earlobe making a fancy and striking appearance?

The tiffany London blue earrings from our handmade earrings collection will fully satisfy your eyes for fancy indulgence.

Those drop earrings in base metals with eco-friendly stones fitted in them, surrounded with zircons are absolutely suitable for your sensitive skin.

The Most Perfect Collection of Handmade Earrings for Women in Town

Our delicately breathtaking earrings are fabulously…

  • Suitable for your sensitive skin
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Eco Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Mostly made in brass with rhodium plating

Above all, they are the perfect depiction of our artisan’s remarkable skills because they are handmade from scratch. They are carved, embellished, polished, and refined, all by our soft and delicate hands of designers and artisans.


Elegant and Sumptuous – Our Handmade Earrings London

Be it a simple bud with the hand-hammered effect of Tiffany Garnet earrings with rhodium plating and wax setting, our store is your answer to all your concerns related to Fancy Accessories.

Our large 3-D cube, beautifully enfolded in zircon with a mirror finished disc is the best accessory to wear to bring out a statement in your dressing.

It glows up our glam look even further with its 18k Gold plating. But if the W10 piece from our handmade earring collection is too much for your taste, we have got subtle options as well.

You just say it and we have it. Our designers cover it all and present you with Mingora for your minimalistic rich look.

For a chicer and trendy one, our collection starts from Leaf earrings to Joan but never ends.


Our Enthrallingly Luxurious Earrings Collection

We believe in sustainability and authenticity. Therefore, we use materials that are eco-friendly as well as avoid machine-making processes.

We and our artisans are perfectionists, therefore, we do it all by hand. It takes a double or even quadruple amount of time when compared to the casting jewellery method but the results are worth it.

A brilliant end results are what we are here for as well as you, aren’t we?

Similar to you, we also got eyes for a carefully intricated and ethical pair of opulent ear ornaments, so we give our best to deliver you the required pieces of jewellery efficiently.

W make sure that our clients do not come across any issues with the quality, manufacturing, or any other problem related to the jewellery delivered or bought.

However, even if out of a blue moon, you find anything that does not go along with the requirements, drop us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In your satisfaction, lies our success. Do not hesitate in reaching out to us for any further queries and don’t forget to check out our latest handmade earrings collection!

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